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Work Injuries

Work Injuries

Physiotherapy Can Help You Get Back To Work

Have You Received A Work Related Injury? Physiotherapy May Be The Answer.

Having to take time off work because of an injury can cause monetary distress, especially if you are unsure of how long your recovery period will be. If you have recently suffered from an injury sustained at work that is limiting your physical abilities, it is important to make sure that you have a proper rehabilitation or treatment plan that will get you back to your normal routine as fast as possible.

You don’t have to worry anymore though, because Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre can help!. Physiotherapy plays a vital role in helping people recover from their work injuries, especially because many treatment plans are often covered under workers’ safety and insurance board (WSIB).

Contact our office in Oshawa, ON to learn more today about how physiotherapy can soothe your pain, help you return to work, and prevent future injuries while on the job.

What Falls Into The Category of “Work Injuries?”

A work injury can be described as any injury or illness an employee receives while working on the job site or in a job related environment. Many occupations present potentially dangerous situations, including nursing, construction, and road work. Although it’s not considered as dangerous, even office work can lead to work-related injuries, such as sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time. This can really take a toll on your body.

People who work in offices or factories are also prone to repetitive motion injuries especially if they have jobs that require constant repetition or overuse of a specific part of their body. If you happen to get hurt at work, it is important to seek physiotherapy treatment as soon as possible, as almost any type of injury left untreated may become more severe over time and cause more problems than you’d like!

Common Work Injuries

There are multiple specific causes and types of work injuries. Some of the most common include:


Tendinitis is a condition that develops through excessive overuse of certain body parts and repetitive motions. The symptoms of tendinitis typically include tenderness, pain, and swelling. This condition most commonly occurs in the elbows, shoulders, and knees, and can be corrected with physiotherapy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed. This typically happens due to repetitive motions. Common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome include typing and assembly line work. According to Harvard Health, it is necessary to seek treatment for this condition as soon as possible, in order to avoid long-term nerve damage. A physiotherapy program in Oshawa, ON may include easy, light exercises to strengthen the muscles in your hand and wrist, as well as stretches to improve flexibility.

Back pain

Back pain is the most commonly experienced source of pain, and it can be caused by several work-related activities. For example, sitting for long periods of time at your desk all day can lead to back pain, or sleeping on a surface that doesn’t offer proper support. Too much force on your back, such as constantly lifting heavy items with the wrong body mechanics, can also lead to back pain. Back injuries are typically caused by rotating or twisting the back in an incorrect way, especially when you are lifting heavy items. If you are experiencing back pain, MoveForwardPT states that receiving early physiotherapy is a cost-effective treatment option.

Sprains and strains

Sprains and strains can occur throughout the body, affecting the tendons and ligaments. Although they sound the same, they are different injuries. These can occur from trauma, such as falling off a ladder, or repetitive motions. They can also occur as a result of improper use of equipment. A sprain occurs when a ligament connecting one bone to another is stretched beyond its limits. A strain, also referred to as a “pulled muscle,” occurs when a tendon connecting your muscle to bone is stretched beyond its limits. Whatever the case may be, physiotherapy at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre can help you reduce or even eliminate the pain from an injured tendon or ligament.

Auto accidents

Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do on a regular basis. If you work in a job that requires the use of a vehicle, there is always a risk of a motor vehicle accident injury. Work-related automobile accidents can result in injuries ranging from mild bruises, cuts, and abrasions to broken bones and severe whiplash. Physiotherapy at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre can provide relief and recovery from an automobile accident by reducing pain and inflammation, and restoring your range of motion.

Let Us Treat Your Work Injuries at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre 

Our Oshawa, ON physiotherapists use the most advanced treatment methods aimed at relieving pain, improving mobility, and promoting overall healing. Our skilled and attentive physiotherapists can provide you with helpful techniques and educate you on the ergonomics for proper performance while on the job, in order to avoid further injury in the future.

Physiotherapy is a safe and easy way to recover from work injuries. In many cases at our clinic, we’ve found that treatment can eliminate the need for potentially harmful prescription drugs or expensive surgeries!

If you have received a painful work injury that just isn’t healing on it’s own, Contact Us to request an appointment at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre in Oshawa, ON. We’ll work with your worker’s compensation caseworker to help you recover quickly and get you back to your normal work performance in no time!

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