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Medical Exercise Therapy

Medical Exercise Therapy

Are you currently suffering with the crippling side effects of conditions such as sciatica, knee pain, hip pain, tendinitis, arthritis, or another musculoskeletal dysfunction? You may have been to multiple doctors and experienced little to no lasting relief, leaving you feeling frustrated and exhausted. Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre in Oshawa, ON is here to help you with our  specialized Medical Exercise Therapy treatment, or MET. MET can be useful in many different treatment scenarios, including cases of overuse injuries with athletes and workers.

To learn more about this specific treatment method, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled physiotherapists. We’ll have you back to your normal life in no time at all!

What Is Medical Exercise Therapy?

Medical Exercise Therapy or MET is a form of rehabilitation where patients are placed into an exercise treatment programs for the pain and issues with restricted range of motion. MET is also useful for increasing a person’s strength and endurance, which can make it very helpful for athletes dealing with chronic pain.

MET typically addresses orthopedic dysfunctions stemming from conditions such as tendinitis, sciatica, hip and knee pain. Whether or not the Medical Exercise Therapy approach can be utilized depends on a number of factors including a patient’s condition, age, and movement ability.

MET can be utilized to restore or improve an athlete/worker’s range of motion, improve muscular strength and endurance, and improve coordination.The main goal of medical exercise therapy here at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre is to correct muscle imbalances and loss of coordination.

How Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre Can Help

When you arrive at your appointment, one of our physiotherapists will do a full evaluation of your body and overall mobility. They will ask you questions regarding any pain symptoms you’ve been experiencing, as well as look into your medical history to assess any underlying problems that may be contributing to your pain. From there, he or she will create a customized treatment plan for your specific needs, including exercises that require repetitions to treat your pain symptoms and increase your range of motion.

Get Started With Medical Exercise Therapy Today

If you are looking for a new way to experience long-lasting pain relief, Contact Us Today at Oshawa, ON center to schedule an appointment. Even if this is the first time you’re learning about the benefits of MET, no worries! Our physiotherapists are ready to give you more education on this form of treatment, so give us a call today to set up your first appointment.

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